Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bounteous Beauty

It has rained here for a few days straight. When I went out to get in my car this afternoon a perfect yellow maple leaf was plastered flat to the driver’s door, with the stem sticking straight out. I admired its beauty then, and again at each of my six stops as it accompanied me on my entire journey.
As I’ve moved through my grief these last (almost) ten months since my beloved Arthur died, I have been supported, perhaps most of all, by a dawning realization that the beauty of the world points to the existence of Something beyond the material.
This is why hiking is my #1 solace. Many’s the time I have sat on a rock this year, gazing at a patch of woods, my eyes overflowing with tears of joy at the beauty of the world. And not just the beauty, the ‘bounteous beauty.’
One day at my Qigong class I was looking at a mandala on the wall and again these tears flowed. I wrote in my journal that day: the greatest sign to me that there is a deeper reality underlying what we see is the bounteous beauty of life. Why is there sacred geometry with its matchless perfection and awe-inspiring beauty? Why do the flowers in the ditch by the side of the road overflow in abundance and splendor? There’s not just beauty, there is bounteous beauty, beauty overflowing. Beauty everywhere from the tiniest microscopic creature to the largest galaxy. How can there not be Something that lies beyond all of this? 

Beauty is everywhere. Beauty is in all things. I am grateful for the beauty.


  1. This is why the Navajo "Walk in Beauty" is a spiritual path that I deeply resonate with.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the Navajo Walk. I am looking for others who follow beauty as a spiritual path, so I look forward to learning more about this.