Friday, February 11, 2011


What an exciting day for Egyptians, and for all people who love freedom. I hope this will inspire people throughout the Mideast to throw their dictators out.

A young woman who I am friends with on Facebook wrote yesterday, "I wish I was in Egypt right now." I have felt the same way, and wrote her that I had wished I could have been in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down.

As I have thought about that comment today, it's occurred to me that the reason she and I are so wistful is because we would love to be a part of the nobel human struggle for freedom that has been going on for millenia now. We watch other peoples demonstrate for freedom, but we believe that we are free in America, so there's nothing to struggle for anymore.

We have all been brainwashed in this country that we're the "freest country" in the world, the freest that has ever existed, in fact we have arrived at the end of history. There's no where to go from here in terms of being more free or more democratic.

This is a lie. There are many ways in which we could improve democracy, equality, and freedom in the United States, and because we think we're already "the best" we are lulled to sleep. This complacency serves the people in power because they like the status quo just fine.

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