Friday, September 14, 2012

Republicans Think They are the Only Legitimate Party

In my last post I discussed my theory that many members of today's Republican Party think theirs is the only legitimate political party. I read a couple of things today that just added weight to the theory.

First: Tom Toles is my favorite editorial cartoonist, and his blog posts are almost as good as his cartoons. In today's "Friday rant" he says he is gasping with dismay at the incredible attacks by Republicans against Obama:

They really DON’T consider him [Obama] qualified to be president, and if it’s not a made-up story about his birth-certificate, or a made up story about his religion, a made-up story about him “apologizing for American values” will do. Anything will do, because the conclusion comes first, then the mis-reasoning.
This is nearly terrifying. This is a rip in the fabric of who we are as a society. Because here’s why. If they hate Obama that much, and don’t respect the minimum standards of recognizing his legitimacy, then what about the half (or more) of the country who will vote for Obama in November? They hate you too, and they don’t respect your legitimacy either. Take a look down THAT road and see what you see.
Second: the Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, is considering removing Barack Obama from the state's ballots because he "lacked sufficient evidence about his birth certificate." This is completely insane.

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